Weed Abatement/Yard Cleanup

Weed Abatement is an important part of property ownership in Big Bear. The fire season can be extremely dangerous in the mountains, and our Fire Department is very concerned about the tall dry grass, weeds, brush growth and/or combustible debris that may be on your mountain property. Weed abatement can be required several times per year in order to keep your property fire-safe.

BigBear CabinCare offers several levels of Weed Abatement and Yard Clean-up including:
  • Cutting of Weeds and Grasses
  • Raking and Bagging
  • Haul Away of Bags and Debris
  • Tree Trimming and Stump Removal

Help keep our mountain community safe and your property looking its best!

Call Bob - (909) 273-4992 or email:
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